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1. The Liberal Government built NFPC in an industrial area. Often, the air is so contaminated with chemicals from nearby plants that the inmates and correctional officers' eyes become red and sore and they have problems breathing. It is not known what the long term effects of these chemical discharges will bring.

2. The water quality raises serious concerns, and the institution charges inmate and staff $1.60 for a 20 ounce bottle of drinking water. Inmates have acquired urinary tract infections from the dirty NFPC water. If a cup of water is left standing, it literally turns pink as do the toilets. All the drains and showers even though kept clean, have a green tint. It is unclear what type of bacteria caused the water to turn pink, but, it is time to begin testing to determine if it is safe enough for the inmates and staff to drink.

3. NFPC wastes the correctional staffs time by requiring that they log the name, address, and relationship of everyone who writes to an inmate. This is done so the RCMP can harrass you if they have a question in the future. NFPC Goofs recommends that anyone writing to an inmate list a false name and address to avoid Big Brother. Mail to inmates may be addressed to 1451 Kingsway Avenue, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C1S2.

4. NFPC spends thousands and thousands of dollars on toothbrushes for inmates. Why? Because they buy ones that are so low in quality that they can only be used once or twice before the bristles fall out. The inmates are forced to ask for a new toothbrush everyday. The institution refuses to allow the inmates to purchase a decent toothbrush at their own expense. With about 500 inmates requiring a new toothbrush everyday, one would think that the province could see that they are wasting money by issuing inferior products.

5. The air filters are rarely changed . If you put a towel over the vent, it will literally be covered with lint the next day.

6. The NFPC "white shirts" are preparing to increase the population within the already overcrowded units. They are turning single cells into double cells despite the fact that there is not enough room in the tiny units for the inmates to sit during meals. The overcrowding already increased tension between the staff and inmates and provoked fights and assaults. The plans to further overcrowd the institution will lead to additional disturbances, placing both the inmates and guards at risk.

7. The province spends taxpayer money printing "BC Corrections" on every shirt, pair of pants, and towel. Of course, the fact that the clothes are dark red makes their origin obvious without the paint.

8. Inmates only receive "emergency" dental care. Even inmates who have been in pretrial custody for several years do not receive routine dental care or cleaning of their teeth. This is because the province will only pay for the dentist to come in two times per week for 500 inmates.

9. NFPC Correctional staff are forced to routinely work 12 hour shifts, sometimes longer, leading to fatigue and the inability to quickly respond to emergency situations.

10. Notwithstanding the fact that the NFPC is overcrowded, the facility continues to cut back on staff, staff hours, and programs. The lack of programs, coupled with the unavailability of staff and resources, is a disturbance waiting to happen. Saving money now could result in massive liability in the future.

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